Factoring Service

Maryhill Housing Association aims to provide a quality service to all owner occupiers and commercial proprietors whose properties are managed by the Association.

The Association provides a property management or factoring service to 722 house owners or commercial premises, such as shops.  This figure can increase if more properties are sold under the Right To Buy legislation or other properties are added to the factoring account.

It is the Association’s intention to take over management in all properties where it owns at least one flat.  At the request of owners, the Association will consider taking on the management of properties where it does not own any flats, depending on such issues as the property’s geographical location, maintenance condition of property, etc.

How does the factoring service work?

Invoices are presently issued to owners on a quarterly basis.  All invoices are checked internally by maintenance staff prior to payment to contractors to ensure that repair costings are reasonable.  Common repair costs are then apportioned to each owner as determined in the Deed of Conditions.  All other costs such as the Management Fee, Insurance Premiums, etc., are fixed costs and are reviewed on an annual basis.

How can factoring bills be paid?

Payment of accounts can be made by cheque to the Association’s office at 45 Garrioch Road, either in person or by post.  You can also pay by standing order, direct debit, using your Allpay payment card or by using your bank’s internet payment service.  Information can be provided on how to set up these payments.

All queries regarding accounts should be referred to the Housing Management Section within two weeks of the receipt of the common charges account.  The facility to pay by standing order is available to all owners and where items of a particularly expensive nature arise, e.g. a major common repair, the Association will normally be prepared to enter into an arrangement with owners whereby payment can be made by an agreed number of instalments over a reasonable period of time. 

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What if I fail to pay the account?

 It is vital that the Association recovers expenditure spent on factoring, as it cannot be a subsidised service.  The Association has adopted a reasonable and flexible approach to ensure arrears are minimised.  Owners are given reasonable opportunities to clear outstanding accounts by contacting the Association to make arrangements.  Where an owner refuses to pay the account or fails to maintain an agreed arrangement for repayment, then the Association will initiate legal action for recovery of the amount owed.

Change of Ownership

After properties change ownership, the Association apportions all common charges and bills outstanding.  In addition, staff liaise with owners’ solicitors to finalise all relevant aspects relating to the conveyance, including transference of insurance cover.  All owners, both owner occupiers and commercial proprietors, must give the Association at least one month’s notice of their intention to sell properties, to enable the Association to fulfill its duties effectively.  Similar notice should be given to the Association by commercial proprietors when they sublet their premises or when there is a change of tenant.

Apportionment Fee  

A charge is levied on the seller when there is a change of ownership.  This covers the cost of giving solicitors copies of all relevant certificates relating to the work carried out to the property, arranging building insurance cover, changing door entry name, apportioning common charges, etc.  The fee is reviewed annually.

Estate Management

All queries relating to disputes with neighbours (e.g. failing to do stair cleaning) or concerns about the physical condition of the area should be notified to the Association.  Staff will advise owners on what actions the Association will take to remedy problems or will inform owners what steps they themselves should take.

Common Repairs 

The Association will carry out all common repairs of which it has been notified.  Repairs are carried out under three categories of repairs classified as (i) emergency;  (ii) urgent and (iii) routine;  the current target response times for the execution of repairs once reported and approved are:- 

Emergency - 4 hours (to make safe)
Urgent - 3 working days
Routine - 10 working days

Repairs covered under the heading “common” would include the following:

  • the roof,
  • the close,
  • the backcourt,
  • the tenemental structure itself.

Repairs for which the owner’s share of repairs does not exceed £100 will be carried out without consulting the owner;  repair costs which exceed the £100 share will be discussed with owners prior to works proceeding except in extreme emergencies.

Non Common Repairs 

The Association may be willing to carry out non communal repairs at the request of owners;  this is discretionary and would be usually restricted to situations of a social nature, e.g. to assist elderly persons.  In these instances, payment would normally be required in advance of the works being carried out.  Where the Association is carrying out internal major works to flats in a property, such as installation of central heating, new kitchens or bathrooms, the Association would not carry out this work for owners but would refer the owner to the contractor carrying out the work for the Association.  The owner may then be able to negotiate a favourable estimate from the contractor.

Common Maintenance

The Association may provide a variety of other maintenance services of a common nature, such as -

  1. Gardening – This service covers maintenance of the private ground areas.
  2. Close Door Entry System.
  3. TV Aerial Maintenance.
  4. Others – The Association will consider other services from time to time which may be required.  All suggestions from owners will be open for discussion with the Maintenance Section.


If you have a complaint you should follow Maryhill Housing’s complaints procedure as described on our “How to Make a Complaint” page

Further Information

If you would like further information on the factoring service the Association operates, please call or telephone the Association’s Factoring Officer, Jim Cosgrove on 946 2466 or email factoring@maryhill.org.uk

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