Vote YesSST - What is it all about?

SECOND Stage Transfer or SST is the process whereby GHA tenants vote on whether they want to transfer their homes from GHA to Maryhill Housing Association.

In October 2010, GHA approved the ballot of tenants which will begin on JANUARY 17 2011. Voting will remain open for THREE weeks.

Only GHA tenants will be voting. Existing Maryhill Housing Association tenants will not be voting. For the transfer to happen, there must be a majority of people voting yes to transfer.

Only if there is a yes vote will Maryhill Housing Association be able to deliver on its promises to GHA tenants. If there is a no vote it won't happen. That is why we are campaigning hard to ensure a yes vote which we believe will be the best way forward for GHA tenants. Visits to homes around Maryhill and Ruchill are already under way.

Maryhill Housing Association is a truly LOCAL landlord. Based in Maryhill, we are easy to get in touch with, understand the needs of the Maryhill and Ruchill communities we serve and have a Management Committee which is made up of local people.

Remember too that money we collect in rent is spent LOCALLY unlike the present situation where GHA rent is spent across the city wherever it is needed.

SST In The Press

Maryhill’s campaign to secure a Yes vote in the SST ballot has been regularly featured in the local paper Regen. You can read what Regen has been saying about Second Stage Transfer by downloading the actual pages which appeared in the newspaper by clicking the links below.

Regen, December 2010  (PDF format)

Regen, November 2010  (PDF format)


To open a PDF file you can download a program called Acrobat Reader and install it onto your computer, please click on the following link if you wish to download it.

Download Adobe Reader

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