Maryhill Housing StockWhat We are Offering You


We GUARANTEE that rent increases will be no more than inflation plus one per cent each year for the period up to end of March 2014.


Service charges from the date of transfer will not exceed the cost of providing the service and Maryhill will ensure best value in accordance with its procurement policy.


Maryhill Housing Association offers the following rent payment options:

  • Allpay card at any Paypoint outlet 
  • Standing Order with your bank 
  • At any post office using Paypoint card 
  • Allpay using a Direct Debit facility 
  • Debit or Credit Card to Allpay either on-line or by telephone


The amount you pay will not be affected by the transfer and you will continue to pay this to Glasgow City Council.


Maryhill Housing Association proposes that it will provide the repairs service initially through GHA's existing contractor which is City Building within the following timescales set by us:

Emergency repairs : complete as soon as possible within 4 hours
Urgent repairs : complete as soon as possible within 3 working days
Routine repairs : complete as soon as possible within 10 working days 

Tenant Right to Repair timescales are set out in legislation and are specific to the type of repair for qualifying repairs


Maryhill Housing Association will meet the investment promises already set out by GHA.

All properties will meet the requirements of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard by 2015 

Maryhill Housing Association will also provide to transferring tenants the facility of SKY HD within five years of a successful stock transfer. Tenants will be responsible for setting up and paying digital TV viewing contracts with SKY.


Maryhill Housing Association does not operate a tenant reward scheme. However we operate a number of projects for the benefit of the wider community. These include a variety of ongoing community projects supporting financial inclusion by creating training and education opportunities. Maryhill may consider future Tenant Incentive Schemes following consultation with tenants and residents during service reviews. 

If the transfer goes ahead membership of GHA's Glasgow Gold scheme will cease for tenants transferring who are currently members.


We will retain and manage the concierge service provided by GHA at Glenavon, Fearnmore, Shiskine and Lyndale multi -storey flats.

Maryhill will review how the service can be developed and enhanced. Any future changes to the concierge service will be made in consultation with customers and employees


Maryhill is a registered Housing Support Provider approved by Glasgow City Council and is registered with the Care Commission.

The Association intends to provide the housing support service for Sheltered Housing tenants at the complex in Oran Place.

There will be no change in the current staffing arrangements.


Maryhill has completed new build projects at Ruchill Street and The Botany and we are working on the conversion of Maryhill Primary School to flats. New houses planned at Maryhill Locks will be allocated to GHA tenants affected by clearance and demolition programmes locally and city wide.


Maryhill Housing Association provides a house contents insurance scheme through the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations called the Diamond Insurance Scheme. If the transfer goes ahead, any tenant who holds house contents insurance with GHA will no longer be able to continue this. However Maryhill will offer the Diamond Insurance scheme to any tenant who was within the GHA scheme at the point of transfer. Maryhill will endeavour to have a seamless transfer for any tenant wishing to move from the GHA scheme to the Diamond Insurance scheme.

The Diamond Insurance scheme will also be available to any transferring tenant who was not within the GHA scheme at the time of transfer. 

Maryhill Housing Association will also consult with our existing insurance brokers to provide opportunities for additional tenants' contents insurance cover if there are improved rates to SFHA Diamond Insurance Scheme.


Maryhill Local Housing Organisation Committee presently operates as a formally constituted sub-committee of Maryhill Housing Association.The LHO Committee comprises Maryhill Housing Association and GHA LHO tenants. 

All GHA transferring tenants are eligible for membership of Maryhill Housing Association; membership is available for life for £1. Members can attend the Annual General Meeting, stand for election to the management committee and take part in voting.

If the transfer goes ahead Maryhill will consult with the LHO Committee, all tenants, tenant groups and other interested parties in proposals to change its governance arrangements. These proposals will include a structure that will comprise a Board of Governors with a number of Area Committees and the LHO Committee will no longer exist. The proposals are designed to ensure a tenant majority and open election to the committee to all tenants over 16 years of age.

Our proposals are:

  1. Have a tenant majority committee.
  2. Open election to the committee to all tenants over 16 years of age.
  3. Extend our participation strategy to include all new tenants.
  4. Provide staff resources to promote tenant participation.
  5. Offer to set up a registered residents and tenants organisation (RTO) in each neighbourhood.
  6. Offer to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in each neighbourhood.
  7. Promote tenants and residents training.
  8. Extend our present feedback system from tenants so that we can improve services.
  9. Hold an annual tenants and residents conference.
  10. Extend our community improvement fund which allows tenants and tenants groups to access a budget for local improvements.
  11. Comply with the Requirements of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 as it applies to tenant consultation and participation.


Maryhill Housing Association does not propose to use GHA's Neighbour Relations Team for the management of antisocial behaviour if the transfer goes ahead.

Maryhill has a contract with Glasgow Community and Safety Services (GCSS) to provide a range of conflict resolution services aimed at reducing antisocial behaviour and criminal activity.

GCSS works closely with Strathclyde Police to identify local problems quickly and to instruct actions to be taken including use of CCTV surveillance, mediation counselling, preparing cases for court action, agreeing Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, use of professional witnesses and applying Antisocial Behaviour Orders. GHA transferring tenants will be included in this service.


As a Registered Social Landlord, Maryhill operates a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement and a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.


Maryhill Housing Association has a published complaints policy and procedure in place which includes an internal appeals process and encourages tenants to contact the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman if they are dissatisfied with the internal appeals process


Maryhill Housing Association will provide a free welfare rights service to transferring GHA tenants. This service is already available to existing Maryhill Housing Association tenants.


We will continue to encourage and involve local residents in projects which benefit the community such as the nine million pounds Maryhill Burgh Halls project, delivering money advice, Neighbourhood Watch and working with residents' associations such as Parkhill RA, East Park RA and Village/Burgh Hall RA. We also are committed to working with young people and families.

We record and monitor calls for quality assurance and training purposes
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