Maryhill Burgh Halls

Maryhill Burgh Halls

Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust was formed in 2004 and is a community led and controlled Charitable Trust.  The Trust is a membership organisation and is run by a Board of Directors comprising 3 partner organisations - Maryhill Housing Association, Cube Housing Association and Glasgow City Council and has 10 Elected Directors on the Board most of who live and/or work locally. 

The Trust raised c £9.5m to carry out the restoration works to the much loved historic buildings at the heart of Maryhill and since the official re-opening in April 2012 the Halls have been extremely busy hosting a huge variety of different types of events.  The buildings provide a magnificent Hall, meeting rooms, a nursery, a café, and 2 recording studios and office/studio spaces to rent.

A community music project, which will involve local people developing new skills and performing in the community and in the Halls, is being developed.  The Trust has limited resources and only one part-time, permanent member of staff and does not generally run events themselves, but acts as a provider of accommodation, making space available to use for anyone that’s interested, locally or from further afield.

The Trust has hosted over 460 events since opening.  These have included weddings, parties, dinners, training events, rehearsals, meetings, performance arts, lectures,  consultations, dances, councillors' surgeries, tenants' conferences, and many more and has even featured as a filming location for the BBC’s Burnistoun, and hosted concert rehearsals for both Wet Wet Wet and Susan Boyle!

If you’re interested in holding an event in the Halls, please get in touch with the Trust.   Booking charges usually compare very favourably with other similar Halls elsewhere in Glasgow.

Over 5,000 people have been involved in free heritage-related events based around the Burgh Halls and the unique stained glass windows of Maryhill.  The Trust is looking to increase displays of Maryhill-related old photos, maps and stories in the upper foyer, so if you have any old photos of the area you’d be willing to lend, please get in touch.  The Trust is also looking for volunteers to get involved and for people with an interest in local history to help set up a new heritage group for the Maryhill area, and there are opportunities to get involved in other music and arts related projects as well.

Clean Plates café in the building, run by Grassroots Organics, is open 7 days and the Trust offers regular free tours of the building.

Further details are on the Trust’s website at or ring 0845 860 1856 to find out more.



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