Steven Fogg, Handyperson next to MHA van

THE Association has introduced a “Handyperson Service” for selected tenants.
The handyperson service will provide small repairs and adaptations to the homes of older, disabled and vulnerable tenants.
The objective of the service is to help people to continue to enjoy living in their homes safely and independently.
The handyperson can do small jobs like :
-   Fixing down loose floor covering and other trip hazards;
-   Putting up grab rails/handrails/curtains/blinds;
-   Fixing pictures/mirrors etc to walls;
-   Moving furniture;
-   Changing light bulbs;
-   Giving advice and/or tuning new TVs to the digital service.
Each job will be limited to a maximum of 2 hours.  The handyperson cannot carry out decorating, gardening, any kind of gas work, electrical wiring or general domestic tasks.
You will have to pay for your own materials and fittings/fixtures - otherwise the service will be FREE including any screws/nails/glues required which the handyperson may have to use.
This service is provided to to all MHA tenants who are disabled, over 60, or otherwise vulnerable.
The handyperson is Steven Fogg who is located at 45 Garrioch Road, 946 2466 : ext 112 or 948 1112.
Requests for the service can be made by calling the number or coming into the office.  You can also write to us or send us an email.

We record and monitor calls for quality assurance and training purposes
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