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Ventilation – keep you and your home healthy

Ventilating your home will impact of your health and your home.  This is the message from experts in health and buildings. 

There are clear links between poor ventilation and ill-health but it is simple to improve the ventilation in your home.    The links with ill health include a build-up of chemicals, moulds and viruses indoors.  This can lead, in some cases, to long term illnesses including asthma and allergies as well as eye irritation and other symptoms.

Indoor pollution can be found in most buildings and furnishings and to minimise any affect you should:

-          Open windows in all parts of your house

-          Dry clothes outside or beside an open window

-          If you have an extractor van, switch on especially when cooking or using the shower

-          Keep bedrooms well ventilated especially at night

-          Ensure trickle vents in windows are keep open all the time

For further information, watch the video below:

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